Advanced measurement technology: detecting contamination at an early stage

Radioactivity can occur at any time and anywhere in a wide variety of materials, even where you wouldn’t expect it. The source of this radiation can be of natural origin or artificially induced.

When raw materials such as rocks and mineral ores are used, natural radionuclides are unintentionally introduced into industrial processes or building materials. Radioactive substances emit ionizing radiation. When ionizing radiation hits the human body, it damages the cells and tissue. Ionizing radiation can cause cancer or damage genetic material.

It is therefore extremely important for companies to identify contaminated products early on in the production process. To ensure that contaminated materials are not accepted and further processed, we, as an experienced manufacturer of innovative radiation measurement technologies, recommend the introduction of a contamination control system with GRAETZ measurement technology to increase safety.

This is the only way to effectively protect the health of your employees and customers in the long term. The application of this easy-to-implement measure also prevents reputational damage that could occur if a contaminated product were to enter the market unhindered.

We are happy to support you with the implementation of contamination control, including training. GRAETZ is committed to advanced technologies and the continuous development of radiation safety. This ensures the best possible protection.

A certified initial inspection of potentially contaminated products minimizes the unforeseeable consequences for human health and the environment and creates confidence among your customers.


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These GRAETZ products are suitable for contamination control in incoming and outgoing goods: