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Markets and applications

A heightened sense of environmental awareness and responsibility, as well as increased safety awareness, are prevalent when dealing with nuclear facilities. Wherever work is carried out with radioactive sources or ionizing radiation is to be detected and measured, measuring instruments are used for personal or stationary radiation protection.

For more than 70 years GRAETZ Strahlungsmeßtechnik GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing portable as well as stationary warning and measuring devices for the detection and measurement of α-, β- and γ-radiation (ionizing alpha, beta and gamma radiation from radioactive sources and X-ray tubes) for the protection of man and the environment.

High reliability, field-proven robustness, easy and safe handling of our instruments as well as high quality standards in our production have made us a leading manufacturer in radiation protection measurement technology worldwide.

Since 1949 GRAETZ stands for “Made in Germany” with outstanding competence in radiation protection and supplies quality products in the following areas and applications:

We sell our equipment worldwide into these application areas through our network of dealers and representatives or directly from Altena.

The devices are used to determine exposure to ionizing radiation. They can be used to measure equivalent doses (energy doses with biological effects taken into account). The local dose H*(10) and the personal dose Hp(10) are given in Sievert (Sv) as well as the dose rate in Sv/h or fractions thereof. Contamination meters indicate the activity of a radioactive source in pulses per time (Ips) or, for a known nuclide, in becquerels (Bq).

Our product range includes the following types of equipment, for which we also provide service (maintenance, repair and / or calibration):

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Radionuclide Identifier (RID)

For detection of gamma, beta, neutron & cosmic radiation & more

Dose meters

Portable electronic devices with dose and / or dose rate warning functions

Dose rate meters

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Dose rate warning devices

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Contamination detection devices

Mobile devices for measuring radiation on surfaces


For range extension of measuring instruments


For measuring high dose rates from safe distance

Room monitoring monitors

Systems for dose rate measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation


Individual, for a wide range of industries

Fire brigades & Civil defence

Radiation protection measuring instruments for fire brigades and other civil protection organisations

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Measuring instruments for X-rays and gamma radiation for testing materials

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation measuring instruments for MRT and CT X-ray systems in medicine


Measuring instruments for personal & local dose as well as contamination in various industries

Research & Education

Radiation meters for educational institutions, research institutes and laboratories


Maintenance, Repair, Calibration, Verification


We train you in the use of our measuring and warning devices


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