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Our mission

All life on Earth is exposed to the effects of ionizing radiation. This radiation comes to us from outer space or it originates from natural radioactive substances in our environment. Natural radioactive substances found in our bodies themselves also contribute to a small extent.

Technical development has also made it possible to produce radioactive substances artificially or to generate ionizing radiation directly with the aid of special radiation sources. For radionuclides, gamma or X-rays, there are a multitude of beneficial applications today. Technology and medicine can no longer do without them. Whether radiation is applied directly or whether it occurs as an undesirable side effect, as in the use of nuclear energy, it is necessary in any case to protect people and the environment from harmful radiation exposure.

A technical sense organ for humans

Since the human senses cannot detect radioactive hazards, we have developed a technical “sensory organ” with our devices to warn of this invisible and extremely harmful danger. This is the goal of GRAETZ Strahlungsmeßtechnik GmbH from Altena in Westphalia.

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Our quality claim

100% reliability. Learn more about our quality standards

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Our offering

Measuring and warning devices for radiation protection. Learn more about our products.

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Our History

Innovations since 1866. Learn more about our company history.

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Radionuclide Identifier (RID)

For detection of gamma, beta, neutron & cosmic radiation & more

Dose meters

Portable electronic devices with dose and / or dose rate warning functions

Dose rate meters

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Dose rate warning devices

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Contamination detection devices

Mobile devices for measuring radiation on surfaces


For range extension of measuring instruments


For measuring high dose rates from safe distance

Room monitoring monitors

Systems for dose rate measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation


Individual, for a wide range of industries

Fire brigades & Civil defence

Radiation protection measuring instruments for fire brigades and other civil protection organisations

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Measuring instruments for X-rays and gamma radiation for testing materials

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation measuring instruments for MRT and CT X-ray systems in medicine


Measuring instruments for personal & local dose as well as contamination in various industries

Research & Education

Radiation meters for educational institutions, research institutes and laboratories


Maintenance, Repair, Calibration, Verification


We train you in the use of our measuring and warning devices


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Our mission

Learn more about our corporate mission

Our quality standard

Our claim: 100% reliability

Our offering

Measuring and warning devices for radiation protection

Our history

From petroleum lamps to radiation measurement technology

Jobs at GRAETZ

We are looking for colleagues. Apply now.