GRAETZ Strahlungsmesstechnik: Fields of application

Fire departments, civil defense, but also users from industry and medicine trust in our reliable and high quality products in the field of radiation protection.

This page gives you an overview of the different application areas and industries for which we produce radiation measurement technology. We will be happy to help you find the right measuring device for your application. Contact us directly or make a general inquiry.

Radiation measurement devices for fire brigades & civil defense

We supply reliable Radiation measurement devices for fire departments, other civilian emergency services and authorities for various applications worldwide. With the GRAETZ measuring devices, radiation sources and contaminations can be detected and monitored in case of emergency.

Radiation measurement devices for non-destructive material testing (NDT)

Especially where uncompromising, highest quality is required, materials are inspected non-destructively in industry and trade, for example with X-ray equipment. Whether small, handy, mobile or stationary measuring devices: We have the right solution for application purposes in non-destructive materials testing.

Radiation measurement devices for radiology & nuclear medicine

In medicine, GRAETZ Radiation measurement devices are used in particular in the application of imaging procedures for diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific purposes.

Radiation measurement devices for industry, mining and energy sector

In many areas of industrial production as well as in the energy sector, radiation-intensive procedures, processes and machines are used. GRAETZ makes an important contribution to the safety of workplaces in these sectors with industry-specific radiation measurement and warning devices.

Radiation measurement devices for research & education

In many areas of university research and teaching, but also in the laboratories and research facilities of industry, procedures and processes are used in which radiation occurs. In order to protect the people working in the endangered areas, GRAETZ Radiation measurement devices are already used in diverse companies and organizations.

We help you to find the right radiation measurement device

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Radionuclide Identifier (RID)

For detection of gamma, beta, neutron & cosmic radiation & more

Dose meters

Portable electronic devices with dose and / or dose rate warning functions

Dose rate meters

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Dose rate warning devices

Portable electronic devices with dose rate detection, warning functions & more

Contamination detection devices

Mobile devices for measuring radiation on surfaces


For range extension of measuring instruments


For measuring high dose rates from safe distance

Room monitoring monitors

Systems for dose rate measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation


Individual, for a wide range of industries

Fire brigades & Civil defence

Radiation protection measuring instruments for fire brigades and other civil protection organisations

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Measuring instruments for X-rays and gamma radiation for testing materials

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation measuring instruments for MRT and CT X-ray systems in medicine


Measuring instruments for personal & local dose as well as contamination in various industries

Research & Education

Radiation meters for educational institutions, research institutes and laboratories


Maintenance, Repair, Calibration, Verification


We train you in the use of our measuring and warning devices


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