Contamination probe GRAETZ ABG170

The contamination probe GRAETZ ABG 170 is a highly sensitive probe for the detection of α-, β- and γ-contamination. By means of a probe cable, this as a pulse probe to the GRAETZ X5C plus or GammaTwin S dose rate meters.

Product Highlights

Contamination probe GRAETZ ABG170

Highly sensitive probe for the detection of α-, β- and γ-contaminations.

Connection via probe cable to GRAETZ dose rate meters X5C plus and GammaTwin S

Display range

0 – 20 kIp/s

Measured variable Hp (10) (deep personal dose)

Warning thresholds

Ip/s and pulse summation

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Application areas

Contamination probe GRAETZ ABG170





Research & Education


Contamination probe GRAETZ ABG170

Technical data sheet

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Contamination probe GRAETZ ABG170

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