Dose rate alarm unit GRAETZ GammaTest C

The dose rate alarm unit GRAETZ GammaTest C has been designed for personal radiation protection when dealing with ionizing radiation. This dose rate warning device has four preset warning thresholds that trigger a visual and audible alarm when exceeded. Below the respective warning threshold, the optical single pulse display signals the increase or decrease of the dose rate by changing the flashing frequency. Easy handling and robust design in pocket format make the GRAETZ GammaTest C a reliable radiation measuring instrument for a wide range of applications.

Product Highlights

Dose rate alarm unit GRAETZ GammaTest C

Robust construction in pocket format

Four selectable dose rate warning thresholds for individual radiation measurements

Single pulse display for increase or decrease of dose rate

Integrated test function for more safety in operation

Dust and splash water protection (protection class IP54)

  • The GammaTest C is a lightweight, rugged, battery-operated dose rate warning device for radiation protection for the detection of gamma and X-ray radiation in the measurand Ḣ*(10) ambient dose equivalent rate.
  • The GammaTest C has four warning thresholds that trigger audible and visual alarms when exceeded
  • Below the warning threshold, the GammaTest C indicates readiness for operation via the red LED and signals increases or decreases in dose rate as an optical single-pulse display by changing the flashing frequency
  • The dose rate warning threshold 25 µSv/h is used in fire department operations to determine the limit of a danger zone according to FwDV 500
  • The dose rate warning threshold 40 µSv/h is required in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) for radiographic testing: For mobile handling, the local dose rate must not be higher than 40 µSv/h
  • The splash-proof, anodized aluminum housing provides shielding against electromagnetic influences
  • Operating time with one set of batteries at ambient radiation approx. 250 hours in 24 h operation
Measuring range Dose rate 1 µSv/h ≤ Ḣ*(10) ≤ 40 mSv/h
Overload capacity 500 mSv/h
Energy sector 40 keV – 1.3 MeV
Dose rate warning thresholds

25 µSv/h
40 µSv/h
1 mSv/h
10 mSv/h

Dimensions approx. 106 × 67 × 30 mm
Weight (incl. batteries) approx. 210 g
Protection class IP54 (Protected against splashing water)

For detailed technical data, please refer to our product data sheet for this article. Click here to download.

GammaTest F:

The GammaTest F is a special variant of the dose rate warner, which only has the warning threshold of 25 μSv/h relevant for firefighters in order to simplify handling in emergency situations.

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Dose rate alarm unit GRAETZ GammaTest C





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Dose rate alarm unit GRAETZ GammaTest C

Technical data sheet

Download the technical data sheet for this product in PDF format now.

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