Portable contamination monitor GRAETZ CoMo-170

The GRAETZ CoMo-170 is a powerful, mobile and battery or accumulator operated contamination monitor for highly sensitive nuclide-related measurement of surfaces for α-, β- and γ-contamination when handling ionizing radiation. The one-hand measuring system has a detector area of 170 cm² and automatically detects whether α-radiation is present. The measured value display is optionally pulses per second (Ip/s) or nuclide-related in Becquerel (Bq) and Bq/cm².

Product Highlights

Portable contamination monitor GRAETZ CoMo-170

Easy to use one-hand measuring system

Fast inspection of large surfaces due to large detector area

High-sensitivity nuclide-related measurement of surfaces for α-, β- and γ-contamination when handling ionizing radiation

Dust and splash water protection (protection class IP54)

  • High-performance, mobile contamination monitor with thin-layer plastic scintillation detector (complete elimination of gas-filled or gas-purged detectors).
  • A detector can be used to make α-, β- and γ-sensitive measurements, and the measurement system automatically detects whether alpha radiation is present
  • Possibility of simultaneous or selective measurement of α- and β-/γ-contaminations
  • User-friendly user interface (operation via 5 function keys)
  • Settings and measured value parameters protected by password
  • Integrated measurement data storage, optional software for reading and processing the measurement data
  • Connection option for various external probes, e.g. for dose rate measurement
  • Automatic detection of the probes
  • Optional stationary use in wall station with power supply
  • In case of mechanical destruction of the detector foil, the repair can be carried out inexpensively by the user himself (no costly detector repair in the manufacturer’s factory necessary as with the xenon detector)
  • Avoidance of high operating costs for gas flushing

Special versions:

  • CoMo-170 ZS and F: adapted to the tasks of the civil defense and the fire department
  • CoMo-170 DL: with additional GM counter tube integrated into the front face for measuring the dose rate
  • CoMo-170/-300 G: for pure gamma measurements
Detector type Thin Film Plastic Scintillation Detector with ZnS Coating
Detector size 170 cm²
Display ranges α-channel up to 5,000 Ip/s
β-γ-channel up to 50,000 Ip/s
Measuring ranges α-channel up to 2,500 Ip/s
β-γ-channel up to 20,000 Ip/s
Zero effect α-channel approx. 0.1 Ip/s
approx. 15 – 20 Ip/s
Dimensions approx. 280 × 125 × 135 mm
Weight (incl. batteries)
approx. 800 g
Protection class IP54 (Protected against splashing water)

For detailed technical data, please refer to our product data sheet for this article. Click here to download.


Efficiencies for different radionuclides

(Mittelwerte aus Messungen mit 100 cm2 Präparaten) Die nuklidbezogenen Wirkungsgrade des Szintillationsdetektors sind vergleichbar den Wirkungsgraden herkömmlicher Zählrohre.

C-14 approx. 14 % Tc-99m approx. 3 %
F-18 approx. 18 % In-111 approx. 8 %
P-32 approx. 25 % I-123 approx. 7 %
S-35 approx. 5 % I-125 approx. 12 %
Cl-36 approx. 42 % I-131 approx. 21 %
K-40 approx. 30 % Cs-137 approx. 35 %
Co-57 approx. 7 % Au-198 approx. 23 %
Co-60 approx. 27 % Tl-204 approx. 43 %
Sr-89 approx. 27 % Am-241 α approx. 22 %
Sr-90 / Y-90 (related to Sr-90) approx. 42 % P-238 α approx. 12 %
U-238 α approx. 26 %


CoMo-170 (version industry)
Item no. 5641 0417-0

CoMo-170 (Medical version)
Art.no.5641 0700-0

CoMo-170 D – with additional GM counter tube for dose rate measurement
Item no. 5641 0696-0

CoMo-170 ZS – Special version for civil defense
Art.no. 5641 0627-0
For CoMo-170 ZS

CoMo-170 ZS – special version for civil defense with accessories
Item no. 5641 0628-0
About the CoMo-170 ZS

CoMo-300 – version with larger detector area of 300 cm².
Item no. 5641 0492-0

CoMo-170 F – special version for the fire brigade*.
Item no. 5641 0487-0

*Different technical data for CoMo-170 F:
Measured value display Ips (not nuclide-related in Bq or Bq/cmÇ)
Software: fire department specific adapted
All functions protected by code word
Additional warning threshold at 3-fold zero effect
No external detectors
No charging function

Special version with extended temperature range

Art.no. 5641 0467-0

Wall station for mounting the CoMo-170 incl. Power supply and batteries
Item no. 5641 0478-0

Wall station (passive) for holding the CoMo-170 without charging function
Item no. 5641 0445-0

Floor control device for indoor use
Item no. 5641 0479-0

Charger CoMo (external)
Item no. 5641 0481-0

CoMo-170 wipe test station (without charger or connection cable)
Item no. 4424-0

Nal scintillation probe 25B38 for CoMo (40 nSv/h – 200 µSv/h)
Item no. 5641 0482-0

Detector cable CoMo (spiral cable approx. 2 m)
Item no. 5641 0483-0

CoMo software for reading out and editing the measurement data
Item no. 5641 04270

Data cable CoMo (USB or RS-232)
Item no. 5641 06940

Sr-90 test source for β-radiation (not subject to approval)
Item no. xxxx xxxx

Test source combination Sr-90/Am-241 for α- and β-radiation
Item no. xxxx xxxx

Application areas

Portable contamination monitor GRAETZ CoMo-170





Research & Education


Portable contamination monitor GRAETZ CoMo-170

Technical data sheet

Download the technical data sheet for this product in PDF format now.

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Portable contamination monitor GRAETZ CoMo-170

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