Dose rate alarm lamp GRAETZ GWL10m

The battery-operated gamma radiation warning light GRAETZ GWL 10m is used to determine cordon areas and for room monitoring. Exceeding one of the four adjustable warning thresholds is acknowledged visually with a red flashing light and acoustically with a very loud alarm tone. The GRAETZ GWL10m gamma radiation warning light is available with an optional motion detector, which triggers the acoustic alarm when a person approaches the danger zone.

Product Highlights

Dose rate alarm lamp GRAETZ GWL10m

Robust and compact aluminum housing

Four adjustable dose rate warning thresholds

Visual alarm (red flashing light) and very loud audible alarm tone

Simple operation

Extremely robust design

Dust and splash water protection (protection class IP54)

  • Battery operated dose rate warning device for the detection of γ- and X-radiation in the measurand Ḣ*(10) ambient dose equivalent rate.
  • The gamma warning light is preferably used to determine shut-off areas when a predefined dose rate is reached
  • The device has four warning thresholds that trigger visual and audible alarms when exceeded
  • The acoustic alarm can be switched off
  • Designed for rugged use
  • The housing is splashproof
  • Operating time with fully charged battery in ambient radiation approx. 48 hours without warnings



  • Stable tripod
  • Motion detector for triggering the acoustic warning when a person approaches the hazardous area in the case of increased radiation

The scope of delivery includes a charger for recharging the built-in battery

Measuring range Dose rate
1 µSv/h ≤ Ḣ*(10) ≤ 80 mSv/h
Energy sector 40 keV – 1.3 MeV
Dose rate warning thresholds

7.5 µSv/h
25 µSv/h
1 mSv/h
10 mSv/h

Dimensions approx. 120 × 120 × 250 mm
Weight (incl. battery) approx. 2300 g
Protection class IP65 (Protected against splashing water)

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Item no. 5641 0409

GWL10m – with motion detector when entering the hazardous area
Item no. 5641 0436

GWL10m-2.5 – sensitive variant with lowest warning threshold 2.5µSv/h
Item no. 5641 0698

With floating relay output
Item no. 5641 xxxx

With tripod (3-legged)
Item no. 5641 0415-0

Application areas

Dose rate alarm lamp GRAETZ GWL10m





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Dose rate alarm lamp GRAETZ GWL10m

Technical data sheet

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Dose rate alarm lamp GRAETZ GWL10m

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